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Inline Swivels - Taimi - Male JIC - Male JIC Inline Swivels - Taimi - Male JIC - Male JIC

Brand: Taimi

TAIMI's is the new trusted name in hydraulic swivels!

TAIMI's unique ball-less design swivel products bring reliability to your hydraulic systems, increasing service life and cutting out leakages.  This translates in higher productivity and lower operating costs.


The benefits of Taimi's exclusive design are:

1.  Better wear resistance

2.  No dismantling

3.  Fewer hydraulic leaks

4.  Quicker, cheaper and easier maintenance

5.  Works well under pressure

6.  Possible integration into manifold designs

To reference dimensions, click on the diagram

This swivel is a stocked item in the sizes listed below.  Other sizes and other swivels are available upons request.


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Enter Qty Order # Thread Size 1 & 2 Seal Kit Position
Enter Qty Order # Thread Size 1 & 2 Seal Kit Position
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SZ-J06M-J06M 9/16-18 SZ-06-001SK-A 1
SZ-J08M-J08M 3/4-16 SZ-08-001SK-A 2
SZ-J12M-J12M 1 1/16-12 SZ-12-001SK-A 3
SZ-J16M-J16M 1 5/16-12 SZ-16-001SK-A 4
SZ-J20M-J20M 1 5/8-12 SZ-20-001SK-A 5
SZ-J24M-J24M 1 7/8-12 SZ-24-001SK-A 6
SZ-J32M-J32M 2 1/2-12 SZ-32-001SK-A 7
Male JIC - Male JIC
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