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Quick Disconnect Couplings - 9200 Series

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Quick Disconnect Couplers - Pioneer - Quick Disconnect Couplings - 9200 Series

Brand: Pioneer

The 9200 Series coupler allows zero pressure connection and disconnection while either or both the coupler and nipple are under pressure.  A lever operated cam, locks both coupler and niipple valve in the open or closed position.  "Closed", the flow is shut off at the coupler, allowing easy, zero pressure connect and disconnect.  Valves in the "open" position are locked in place and unaffected by the hydraulic surges.  Valves will automatically close if the coupling is accidentally disconnected.


Features: Accepts ISO 5675
Premier connect under pressure coupling
Locked valves prevent flow checking
Color coded levers to identify raise and lower lines
Couplers are compatible with 9006-4 double breakaway clamp
Protective zinc plating with clear trivalent chromate finish
Valve type: Poppet
Uses 8010 Poppet Male Tips
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Enter Qty Order # Thread Size Handle Orientation Position
Enter Qty Order # Thread Size Handle Orientation Position
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9250-4L 1/2-14 NPTF LEFT (YELLOW GRIP) 1
9250-4R 1/2-14 NPTF RIGHT (RED GRIP) 2
9250-15L 3/4-16 UNF LEFT (YELLOW GRIP) 3
9250-15R 3/14-16 UNF RIGHT (RED GRIP) 4
9250-16L-YE 7/8-14 UNF LEFT (YELLOW GRIP) 5
9250-16R-RE 7/8-14 UNF RIGHT (RED GRIP) 6
Quick Disconnect Couplings - 9200 Series
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