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TH7NC Non Conductive Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R7

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Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose - Gates - TH7NC Non Conductive Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R7

Brand: Gates

Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose. Previously C7SNC or GT7NC.

When ordering, there is a 10 foot minimum on all hose orders.


Coupling Recommendations: MegaCrimp® Couplings
Cover: Orange urethane that resists hydraulic fluids, high temperatures, aging and weathering. Orange TH7NC is non-perforated for applications requiring electrical non-conductivity. Meets SAE 100R7 Electrical Conductivity Test. Maximum leakage shall not exceed 50 microamperes when subjected to 75 kV/Ft. for five minutes. (Orange is industry accepted color for non-conductive hose).
Recommended For: Petroleum and synthetic hydraulic fluids. Applications include: power and telephone mobile equipment (cherry pickers), lubrication lines, blowout preventer control lines, hydraulic lifts and farm and construction machinery. Orange color TH7NC meets SAE 100R7 non-conductivity requirements. TH7NC hose meets or exceeds performance requirements of SAE 100R7 with a significantly tighter bend radius. Meets ANSI A92.2 for vehicle mounted aerial devices (-4 to -8).
Reinforcement: Braided synthetic fiber (except -2: Spiraled synthetic fiber)
Temperature Range: -65°F to +200°F (-54°C to+93°C) continuous service for petroleum and synthetic oils. Maximum of +158°F (+70°C) for water, water/oil emulsions and water glycol.
Tube: -12: 100% seamless Nylon - Type Z that easily handles a broad range of hydraulic fluids, including phosphate esters and water glycol; -4 through -8 Polyester.
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Enter Qty Order # Hose I.D. (in) Hose O.D. (in.) Working Pressure (psi) Min. Burst Pressure (psi) Min. Bend Radius (in.) Position
Enter Qty Order # Hose I.D. (in) Hose O.D. (in.) Working Pressure (psi) Min. Burst Pressure (psi) Min. Bend Radius (in.) Position
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2TH7NC 1/8 0.32 3,000 12,000 .5 1
3TH7NC 3/16 0.41 3,000 12,000 .8 2
4TH7NC 1/4 .50 2,750 11,000 1.3 3
5TH7NC 5/16 .56 2,500 10,000 1.8 4
6TH7NC 3/8 .64 2,250 9,000 2 5
8TH7NC 1/2 .80 2,000 8,000 3 6
12TH7NC 3/4 1.05 1,250 5,000 5 7
16TH7NC 1 1.32 1,000 4,000 10.0 8
TH7NC Non Conductive Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R7
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