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Male Metric Hex Plug

Style: Style 9030M

Metric Countersunk Sealed Plug

Style: Style 9029

Male BPST Plug

Style: Style 9030T

4000 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings

Brand: Pioneer

General Purpose Quick Coupling

The 4000 Series brings to the industry a proven design for use on agricultural machinery, oil tools, steel mill machinery, and other rugged applications.  The 4100 is a full flow coupling with a 3/4 body and a 3/4 threading.


Features: Basic operation where coupler sleeve is manually retracted to allow connection with male tip
Ball and poppet options

Female JIC 37° Flare Swivel - 90° Bent Tube - GL

Brand: Gates

Style: GL-FJX90

Female JIC 37° Flare Swivel - Brass

Brand: Gates

Style: C14-FJX-B

For C14 and C14CT Teflon Hose.

Female JIC 37° Flare Swivel - GSM

Brand: Gates

Style: GSM-FJX

Female Pipe - 30° Cone Seat

Brand: Gates

Style: LOC-RFP

Lock-on Couplings for LOLA Hose.

Female SAE 45° Flare Swivel - 45° Bent Tube

Brand: Gates

Style: ACA-FSX45

Polarseal Couplings for Refrigerant Hose AC134A.

Jackhammer™ Hose Assembly

Brand: Continental

Designed for air tool applications on construction sites.  Rated to temperatures of -65°F to 180° and 300 PSI.  Cover has limited oil resistance.


Cover: Red EPDM synthetic rubber
Reinforcement: 4-spiral textile layer construction
Tube: EPDM synthetic rubber RMA Class Class C

Male BSPP to Female NPT

Style: Style 9035

Male FF to Male 37° Flare

Style: Style FS2401

Male JIC - for C5 Hose

Brand: Gates

Style: C5-RMJ

Reusable Couplings for C5C, C5D & C5R Hose.

Male JIC 37° Flare Swivel

Brand: Gates

Style: GSP - MJ

Male Pipe Long Nose

Brand: Gates

Style: G-MPLN

Male Pipe NPTF

Brand: Gates

Style: Style GS-MP

Global Spiral Couplings for G6K, G5K, G4K, G3K, & C12M Hoses.

Male Pipe Swivel NPTF (Without 30° Cone Seat) for G2 Hose

Brand: Gates

Style: C2AT-RMPX

Reusable Couplings for G2 and G2H Hose.

NPTF Rigid Female to NPSM Swivel Female

Style: Style 54

NPTF Solid Male (30° Cone Seat)

Brand: Gates

Style: PC-MP

Male BSPP with Washer & O-Ring to Female NPT

Style: Style 9035S

Male NPT to Female BSPP

Style: Style 9037

Male BSPP to Male BSPP

Style: Style 9040

45° Tube Elbow Male BSPP to Female BSPP

Style: Style 9047

Swivel BSPP Cap

Style: Style 9033

Male BSPP to BSPP Adj. 45° (Forged Steel)

Style: Style 9051

Showing products: 101 through 125 (521 total)