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Models KCL & RPL Relief Valves

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Relief Valves - Parker - Models KCL & RPL Relief Valves

Brand: Parker

These Relief Valves have been designed to give long, smooth performance. Affords overload protection for hydraulic circuits as well as structural members of tools and machines due to excessive pressure build-up. KCL Ball/Spring Relief Valves and RPL Pilot Relief Valves are adjustable.



  • In-line mounting
  • Complicated Graphite Body
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Adjustable


Capacity: KCL- up to 38 GPM, RPL - 60 GPM
Maximum Operating Pressure: KCL - 2000 PSI, RPL - 3500 PSI
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Enter Qty Order # Port Size Pressure Range Position
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KCL-100-HP 1" NPT 1400-2000
KCL-75-HP 3/4" NPT 1400-2000
RPL-100-A 1" NPT 500-3500
RPL-16-A SAE-16 500-3500
RPL-75-A 3/4" NPT 500-3500
Models KCL & RPL Relief Valves
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