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Permco In-Line Relief Valve

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Relief Valves - Permco - Permco In-Line Relief Valve

Brand: Permco

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Enter Qty Order # Port Size PSI Options Position
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AZ5514J-075-25 3/4" NPT 2500 DIRECT ACTING 1
AZ5514J-075-30 3/4" NPT 3000 DIRECT ACTING 2
AZ5514J-100-20 1" NPT 2000 DIRECT ACTING 3
AZ5514J-100-25 1" NPT 2500 DIRECT ACTING 4
AZ5514J-100-27M 1" BSPP 2700 DIRECT ACTING 5
AZ5514J-100-30 1" NPT 3000 DIRECT ACTING 6
AZ5514J-100-32 1" NPT 3200 DIRECT ACTING 7
AZ5514J-100-32J 1" ORB 3200 DIRECT ACTING 8
AZ5514P-100-25 1" NPT 2500 PILOT OPERATED 9
AZ5514P-100-25J 1" ORB 2500 PILOT OPERATED 10
AZ5514P-100-25M 1" BSPP 2500 PILOT OPERATED 11
AZ5514P-100-30 1" NPT 3000 PILOT OPERATED 12
AZ5514P-100-30J 1" ORB 3000 PILOT OPERATED 13
Permco In-Line Relief Valve
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