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Greaseable with Eccentric Locking Collar


Features: HC type bearing is self-aligning for standard load capacity. Has wide inner ring and metal slingers with contact seals. Standard relubrication feature has a drilled hole in groove on locking collar side and drilled oil hole opposite the collar to make it interchangeable with all manufacturers.
How To Order: Use with Heavy Duty Cast Iron Housing.
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Enter Qty Order # Shaft Size Position
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HC202-10 5/8
HC204-12 3/4
HC205-14 7/8
HC205-15 15/16
HC205-16 1
HC206-18 1-1/8
HC206-19 1-3/16
HC206-20 1-1/4
HC207-20 1-1/4
HC207-22 1-3/8
HC207-23 1-7/16
HC208-24 1-1/2
HC209-26 1-5/8
HC209-28 1-3/4
HC210-31 1-15/16
HC211-32 2
HC211-35 2-3/16
HC212-39 2-7/16
HC Bearing Inserts
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