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90° Male BSPP to Male NPT

Style: Style 9070

Male BSPP Tee

Style: Style 9080

Female BSPP Run Tee Swivel

Style: Style 9090

8200 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings

Brand: Pioneer

Connect Under Pressure Quick Coupling

The 8200 Series unique valve design allows connection while either or both the coupler and nipple are under pressure.  Valves in both halves remain closed, opening only when system pressure has been relieved on the female body and the re-applied.  This pressure sequence may be done with either an open center or a closed center hydraulic system that has a control valve.


Features: Connect under system pressure on the coupler
Sleeve designed to accommodate bracket mounting
One-handed push-to-connect operation when coupler is clamp mounted
1/2" body size couplers are compatible with 5001-4 and 5006-4 breakaway clamps

Code 61 O-Ring Flange - 90° Bent Tube - GL

Brand: Gates

Style: GL-FL90

Code 62 O-Ring Flange Heavy 90° Bent Tube - GSM

Brand: Gates

Style: GSM-FLH90

Female JIC (37° Flare) Swivel

Brand: Gates

Style: PC-FJX

Female JIC 37° Flare Swivel - 45° Bent Tube

Brand: Gates

Style: GSP-FJX45

Female JIC 37° Flare Swivel - 90° Bent Tube - Steel

Brand: Gates

Style: C14-FJX90

For C14 and C14CT Teflon Hose.

Female JIC Swivel - 90° Bent Tube for C5 Hose

Brand: Gates

Style: C5-RFJX90

Reusable Couplings for C5C, C5D & C5R Hose.

Female SAE 45° Flare Swivel - Lock-on Coupling

Brand: Gates


Lock-on Couplings for LOLA Hose.

Gauntlet™ 3000 Pressure Wash Hose Assemblies

Brand: Continental

For use on pressure washing machines with working pressures up to 3000 PSI.  It's super abrasion-resistant cover provides maximum protection against adverse effects of oil.  Rated to temperatures of -20°F to 250°F.


Cover: Yellow oil-resistant Carbryn™ synthetic rubber RMA Class A
Reinforcement: Braided (1) steel wire
Tube: Nitrile synthetic rubber

Male BSPP Adj Run Tee (forged steel)

Style: Style 9151

Male FF to Male NPTF Pipe Connector

Style: Style FS2404

Male JIC

Brand: Gates

Style: Style GS-MJ

Global Spiral Couplings for G6K, G5K, G4K, G3K, & C12M Hoses.

Male JIC - for G2 Hose

Brand: Gates

Style: C2AT-RMJ

Reusable Couplings for G2 & G2H Hose.

Male Pipe Swivel - 90° Block

Brand: Gates

Style: Style G-MPX90

One-piece Couplings for M4K, M3K, M2T, G2 & G1 Hoses.



NPTF Rigid Female to 90° NPSM Swivel Female

Style: Style 56

SAE Male Flareless Assembly - Polarseal Couplings

Brand: Gates

Style: ACA-MFA

For Refrigerant Hose AC134A.

Female BSPP Branch Tee

Style: Style 9087

Male BSPP Adj Branch Tee

Style: Style 9152

Male JIC to Metric Standpipe

Style: Style 9200

Male JIC to Male BSPP Adj Run Tee

Style: Style 9158

Breakaway Clamps

Available in single, double and lever style.

Breakaway clamps are compatible with the 4200 and 8200 Series.

Male JIC to Female JIS 30° Seat BSPP Thread

Style: Style 9220

Showing products: 151 through 175 (521 total)