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Male JIS Plug 30° Seat BSPP

Style: Style 9221

Female JIC Cap 30° Seat BSPP

Style: Style 9222

Male Komatsu Plug 30° Seat Metric Thread

Style: Style 9231

Female Komatsu Cap 30° Seat Metric Thread

Style: Style 9232

Female Dual Seat JIC & SAE (45° Flare) Swivel - Stainless Steel

Brand: Gates

Style: C14-FJSX-SS

C14 Couplings for C14 & C14CT Teflon Hose.


Note: -6 & -12 are JIC only.

Female FF Swivel to Male FF

Style: Style FS2406

Female JIC 37° Flare Swivel - 90° Bent Tube

Brand: Gates

Style: GSP-FJX90

Female JIC Swivel

Brand: Gates

Style: Style GS-FJX

Global Spiral Couplings for G6K, G5K, G4K, G3K, & C12M Hoses.

Female JIC Swivel - for G2 Hose

Brand: Gates

Style: Style C2AT-RFJX

Reusable Couplings for G2 & G2H Hose.


Note: 1 1/2" reusables can only be used on G2H.

Female Pipe Solid

Brand: Gates

Style: Style G-FP

One-piece Couplings for M4K, M3K, M2T, G2 & G1 Hoses.

Frontier Hose

Brand: Continental

Air & Water Hose

An economical air and water hose.  Frontier is for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications.  Rated to temperatures of -40° F to 190° F.



Cover: Black EPDM synthetic rubber Class C
Reinforcement: Spiral synthetic yarn
Tube: EPDM synthetic rubber RMA Class C

Hose Length Extenders - Polarseal

Brand: Gates

Style: ACA-HLE

Polarseal Couplings for Refrigerant Hose AC134A.

Hose Mender

Brand: Gates

Style: LOC-RHM

Lock-on Couplings for LOLA Hose.

Male Metric to Female NPT

Style: Style 9235

Needs 9500MM seal for port connection.

Male SAE (45° Flare) for C5 Hose

Brand: Gates

Style: Style C5-RMS

Reusable Couplings for C5C, C5D & C5R Hose.

NPTF Male to 45° NPSM Swivel Female

Style: Style 57

O-Ring Flange - Straight (Code 61)

Brand: Gates

Style: PC-FL

Quick Disconnect Couplings - 6600 Series

Brand: Pioneer

The 6600 Series are versatile for use in a wide range of hydraulic applications where fluid lines require connection and disconnection for equipment operation or maintenance.


Application: Header connections on combines, snowplows, front-end loaders, skid steers and implement connections.
Features: Accepts ISO 7241-1, Series A compliant nipples
Poppet valves and metal perch to maintain valve alignment and prevent flow checking
Coupler sleeve and nipple body are hardened to be damage resistant
Standard end configurations include female pipe and straight thread ORB
Protective zinc plating with clear trivalent chromate finish

Male JIC to Female BSPP Swivel

Style: Style 9240

Male JIC to Male JIS 30° Seat BSPP

Style: Style 9337

Bonded Seal for British Thread

Style: Style 9500

Metric Bonded Seal

Style: Style 9500MM

Male JIC to Female Komatsu 30° Seat Metric

Style: Style 9230

Male JIC to Male Metric Dual Purpose

Style: Style 9605S

Male Metric Dual Purpose To Female NPT

Style: Style 9635S

Showing products: 176 through 200 (521 total)