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Dri-Dek® for Wet Floors

Brand: DRI-DEK®

Use Dri-Dek to cover your entire lab or shop with one or several colors. Use Dri-Dek between work stations or down assembly lines. Dri-Dek is also versatile enough to trim for irregular areas so that you can put it around machinery and work benches, etc. You can even define different work zones with different designs and colors. Many ways to use it and several color options! Accessories listed here as well. Comes with 5 year guarantee!


Application: Work stations, assembly lines, inspection tables, lab tables, counters, shipping desks, work benches, machine shops, tool carts and more.
Material: Oxy-B1 Vinyl
Temperature Range: Designed for continuous use in enviroments from -30° F (ASTM D 746) and not to exceed 167° F.
Weight: 14.5 oz/12x12x9/16" tile