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Round Shaft Adapters - To 75 H.P.

Sandblast Hose

Brand: Kuriyama

Designed to convey abrasive sand and shot blast material.


Cover: Black, conductive SBR/NR blend. Abrasion and ozone resistant. Pin pricked.
Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords.
Standard Length: 50 or 100 feet.
Tube: Static conducting natural rubber, offering excellent abrasion resistance.
Working Pressure: Constant pressure: 10 Bar (150 psi).

Service Plug Kit

The service plug is developed to plug hoses or rigid pipes to avoid oils and chemicals from contaminating the environment and to preserve costly oils and liquids inside systems during maintenance and repair. It can also be used to protect machine channels from dust and corrosion when cleaning or painting, to prevent water, paint, dust, and pollution from harming system and components.   For use in non-pressurized and vacuum systems.  Made of high-quality oil-resistance rubber.  No tools needed!  Use your hands to insert, push, then push and twist in the same action.  The plug can be cut to adjust sizing.

Sleeve Type Splined Adapters - To 75 H.P.

Brand: Hub City

To 75 H.P.

Spiral Retaining Rings

External Retaining Rings Available.

Splined Adapters

For tractors with 1 3/4-20 Spline P.T.O.

Splined Adapters - To 125 H.P.


Features: -Capacity to operate on tractors rated to 125 P.T.O. H.P.

Splined Adapters - to 75 H.P.


Features: -Capacity to operate on tractors rated to 75 P.T.O. HP.

Splined Couplings

Available in 2 1/2 - 3 3/4 lengths

Splined Pump Drive Adapters

P.T.O. pin included with all 1 1/8 spline & 1 3/8 spline pump drives. 1 3/8-21 spline & 1 3/4-27 spline pump drives are supplied with setscrews.


Note: Female Round - Nominal + .002

Splined Shafts

Available in sizes 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4", 1 3/8", 1 1/2", and 1 3/4".

Splined Weld-Ons

Square Bushing Weld-Ons

Square Piston Seals

Seals are made of Fluorinated Polymer and fortified with either glass fiber or bronze flakes used in combination with an elastomer O-Ring.  This is a revolutionary concept in positive long-wearing piston seals for reciprocating hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.  A loader ring forces a better seal.

Stainless Steel Roller Chain Connecting Links

Stainless Steel Roller Chain Double Pitch Connecting Links

Stainless Steel Roller Chain Double Pitch Offset Links

Stainless Steel Roller Chain Offset Links

Stamped Idler Sprockets

Hardened Teeth, American Made

Standard Nitrile Kit

Choose from 70 Durometer and 90 Durometer seals.  Kits includes 382 pieces and the following of each part number:


Kit Contains: For 70 Durometer: 20 pieces each of Part Numbers 006-012. 13 pieces each of Part No 110-116. 10 pieces of Part Number 210.

Standard O-Rings

Standard O-Rings for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.


Air Inclusion (ML): 10 O-Rings per pack.
Packaging: O-Rings are measured by inside diameter (ID) and cross section width (W) dimensions are given in inches.

Standard Rod Wipers

Standard Rod Wipers Material: 395A Liquid Cast Polyurethane


Features: ·Long Life

Steel Attachment Links - A1

Steel Chain Attachment Links A1 - available in left and right

Steel Attachment Links - A2

Steel Chain Attachment Links A2 (Right & Left)

Steel Attachment Links - A2W

Steel Chain Attachment Links A2W (Right & Left)

Showing products: 901 through 925 (981 total)